Tips For Avoiding PKI Certificate Expired Issues

As an IT professional, you are used to juggling a lot of different tasks. These can be relatively easy and simple with a small online presence, but with large ecommerce sites or when dealing with email security for hundreds or thousands of employees scattered in offices all over the country or the globe, the task can be overwhelming.

One very basic issue that can become very problematic is security lapses that occur if a PKI certificate expired and no one catches the issue. At best, an employee, customer or client gets the security warning message and calls into the IT department and you can simply complete a new Certificate Signing Request and get an SSL/TLS product in its place.

At worse, the lack of security causes a breach in secure data transmission from a website or an email and results in a serious and potentially damaging trust issue for those using your site in the future. In this case, a simple PKI certificate expired issue can become a very big factor and result in loss of revenue and loss of customers and clients.

The definition of SSL includes the use of the Public Key Infrastructure framework to provide encryption and decryption of data. While this system of public and private keys is very secure and the 256 bit encryption and 2048 bit signatures are very effective, they don't work if the certificate has expired.

Using the EPKI Manager

One of the best tips we can provide to prevent any type of PKI certificate expired issue is to use our EPKI manager. This is more completely known as our Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager and it is available as a web based console. This means no downloads and no software or hardware to add to your system. It also means you can access the Manager from any computer; you will just need to have your unique login and password.

With the Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager, it doesn't matter if you are managing hundreds or thousands of SSL/TLS products, it will be easy to keep them organized and in a logical format. The basics of all the products across the network will be conveniently displayed by specific criteria.

This includes providing a list of those PKI certificate expired or those about to expire. By using the Manager there should never be any expired certificates on the system unless the website is offline or the certificate is no longer in use.

This is known as certificate lifecycle management. There will never be any guesswork or the need to go through and see what certificates are on the system and when they will expire. Additionally, other relevant information on the certificates including their validation level and other data is also readily available and easy to find.

This system, as mentioned above, is accessible only to a designated administrator. This may be the IT manager or another individual. Once this account is set up this administrator can set up sub-users. These sub-users can be given specific permissions within the system. It is common to have some sub-users able to issue PKI certificates for email, to revoke certificates if required or to access specific reporting functions. By setting up these accounts, the sub-users are restricted to just those functions you designate.

Ordering New Certs

One of the benefits of using the EPKI manager, in addition to preventing the PKI certificate expired issues, is also to be able to order SSL/TLS products through the console. This includes our website SSL/TLS certificates from the basics to the EV levels as well as Wildcard SSL certificates and UC certificates.

When ordering through the console, if you use the deposit method you can lock in lower rates than ordering from the website. The deposit is used for future purchases and we offer our full customer and technical support on all products.

Using the EPKI Manager makes handling all of your SSL/TLS products simple, easy and effective. With the added value of lower prices per certificate, it makes good financial sense as well.

To find out more about the advantages of the EPKI Manager we recommend you spend some time browsing the website at If you have a question, just click on the live chat help and we can immediately respond to your questions or help you in choosing the right products for your needs. For more information, or if you prefer to talk rather than text, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361.

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