Why Choose A Wildcard SSL Certificate Without A Subdomain?

For a startup website, particularly an ecommerce site, knowing the best option to choose in an SSL/TLS product can be a challenge. One thing that we recommend is to take the time to consider not just what you will need today, but what your website will look like and what you will need to secure in a few months, a year or two or three years.

Planning ahead when it comes to a Wildcard SSL or any type of SSL/TLS product can help you to save money over both the short and long term. If you are going to have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology in place, looking for the most cost-effective option that provides the of website validation you need will be critical.

It is important to understand just what a Wildcard SSL certificate offers and what it does not. This is a certificate that is designed to protect your main website as well as all subdomain under that main domain.

The Wildcard Basics

To get a picture of this to those new to the IT field, think of a website URL in three parts. The components are separated by the "dots" in the URL. The farthest to the right is the .com, .org, .net and so on. This is known as the top-level domain. Next to that, in the middle of the two dots is the domain name. This is usually your business and it is unique to your website. In front of this is the subdomain, which is typically www.

So, a typical URL looks like subdomain.domain.com. This is considered the Common Name or the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and this is the website that matches the information on the Certificate Signing Request and the certificate with the keys provided by the Certificate Authority.

When you have subdomains, or subdivisions in a website, the www is replaced by other subdomain names. Without the Wildcard SSL each of those subdomains would need a separate SSL certificate. With the wildcard, which replaces the subdomain with a placeholder or wildcard (*), all of the subsequent subdomains are covered by the same cert as the root or main domain.

This same process can repeat itself if there is a subdomain in a subdomain. This is called a second level subdomain and would look like *.subdomain.domain.com. Most of the time there is no need to do this level of division even for a very large website.

Small Sites Benefit

So, does it make sense to choose a Wildcard SSL certificate without a subdomain or multiple subdomains in place?

The answer to this is actually yes, but only if you are planning on growing your website. Knowing how you want to expand your site can help you to see the value. While right now buying a Wildcard SSL certificate without a subdomain or multiple subdomains may seem more costly than a basic SSL, it will not allow you to add any subdomains without buying another separate cert.

Typically, once you have purchased more a one or two additional certificates you will find that the Wildcard SSL certificate without a subdomain or multiple subdomains would have been a better deal. By making this choice up front, you can always have the flexibility and scalability to the website to take advantage of opportunities to add to the site without having to stop, generate a Certificate Signing Request, install the certificate and do any troubleshooting required.

Keep in mind, if you aren't sure you want to use a Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate without a subdomain or multiple subdomains right now, we have an answer for that as well.

Try our 90 day free SSL certificate that you can use on the main domain. You will be able to add any subdomains that will be secured, but you can have a full three months of free use of the certificate to become familiar with use. Additionally, when you choose to upgrade to the Wildcard, you will have the experience of the Certificate Signing Request and the install. You also have an additional 30 days to use the product and if it doesn't work out for you, we will provide a full refund.

Let's talk about your website SSL/TLS needs today. Give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 and we can discuss your plans for your website and the best products for your budget and your security needs. You can also read more or talk to us through live chat at https://www.instantssl.com.

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