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When most people speak of digital security certificate issues, they are referring to server authentication. In fact, they may naturally assume this is the kind of certificate being mentioned. There is a good chance that many people today do not even realize you can easily have your own client SSL certificate. In fact, it may be a very good investment, but what is this special certificate? Let's look closer and see.

What is a Client SSL Certificate?

As you probably know, when a business purchases or creates their own secure sockets layer certificates it changes the website URL to HTTPS. This is for the benefit of the website visitor or user. In other words, a customer is thinking about buying some shoes from an online retailer. She knows what size to order and she can get a much better deal online. However, she may be hesitant to use her charge card or debit card at the website, because the Internet can be a huge scary arena at times. Criminals could be lurking anywhere at any time in cyberspace.

Once a business gets an SSL certificate from a trusted authority, the customer feels secure about making an online purchase. The purpose behind this kind of certificate is to let the customer know that the business is legitimate and secure.

On the other hand, a client SSL certificate is just the opposite. It is used to authentic the website or email user (not the server). So why would you want to do this? First, if you run a business you are vulnerable from many types of attacks and they usually come from an outside source. In other words, someone may steal log in information from a user and log into the website. They may also fake an identity or steal important admin log in information and this is where a great deal of damage can be done within a short amount of time.

Wouldn't it be great if your website, network or system had more than one way to identify important users logging in? This is possible with client certificates. By verifying users, there is no need for passwords. However, by using both password and verification technology you ensure the person is who they claim to be. It's a good way to enhance online safety with two separate security measures.

Password Security is Not So Secure These Days

Internet criminals have little to do but sit around and figure out how to get around password protected data and websites. In fact, for every update on this kind of security, someone is there to circumvent it. This is an easy way to steal identities and wreak havoc with the personal lives of thousands and even millions of people. In addition, it can quickly bring a business to its knees. This is why additional security is required. In fact, in the future, more and more companies will be turning to client SSL certificate technology to ensure not only their safety but the safety of their most important resource, the customer.

How Do Client Certificates Work?

In order to install a certificate you first must get one from a trusted authority. Your certificate contains PKI (public/private key infrastructure) technology which is highly secure. It uses the exchange of a public and private key like standard SSL but the user's computer is the only source for the private key. This way, no other computer can be used to authentic you.

Why us?

Your client SSL certificate can be customized to your needs. When you register the certificate you fill out the "subject " field. You decide which web pages can utilize the authentication. The info stays within your browser and contains not only the private key but user name also.

The enterprise digitally signs your certificate and becomes a sub-CA. This stands for sub certificate authority. This lets them sign their user certificates and they are authorized by your trusted authority. In fact, this is part of the authentication process. It provides iron clad security and here is why.

Suppose a hacker or thief obtained your user name and password for a site. He or she would go to the secure log in page and enter your information. Because you have the benefits of a client SSL certificate, the log in would be denied and the illegal activity could not proceed. Why? The enterprise would not detect the presence of your authenticating certificate and would not allow access.

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