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For many mobile device users and also for desktop and laptop computers, Google Chrome has become the go-to browser. It is a simple, efficient and offers a lot of features that make it a good choice for all types of devices.

On any device, it is possible to install a PKI certificate on Google Chrome. In fact, as one of the most common browsers in use, this is often a very good option over one of the lesser known or less frequently used browsers. However, if you are choosing the PKI certificate on Google Chrome you will have several advantages over the use of the same product on other systems.

All client, personal or PKI certs can be installed on Chrome for both Windows and Mac. They can also be used with Safari for both systems as well as Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and our own Dragon and IceDragon browsers.

To Install a Personal Certificate on Google Chrome

Installing a PKI certificate on Google Chrome is a bit different that installing an SSL/TLS product to protect a domain, multiple domains or a main domain and subdomains.

The biggest difference is the fact that the certificate, which is issued by a Certificate Authority the same as an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) product, is not issued for a specific domain and or a list of Subject Alternative Names. Instead, it is linked to an email address and a set of keys, one public and one that is private.

The private key is obviously not distributed publically. Instead, it is maintained by the same person linked to the email address provided on the application. This is different from the domain versions of SSL products where the domain is listed on the certificate but the private key is located on the server or servers the website points to.

With the client PKI certificate on Google Chrome, you will first need to make a request from a Certificate Authority for the certificate. This is a simple process where you will provide your email address and your information to be placed on the certificate.

As we are the world's leading trust provider our root certificates are already placed in all major browsers and devices in the trusted sources. This makes installation of the certificate simple and very easy for both private home use as well as through a business plan.

For a single installation of a PKI certificate on Google Chrome, typically with our free personal certificate, simply go into the Customize button and then Options. From there you will go to Advanced options and under the HTTPS/SSL, you will see a button for certificates.

Click through to the personal tab and find the certificate you wish to install. At the bottom, you will see several buttons, including import, which is the one you need to select.

You will see a successful installation message, then go back into the system and find the certificate imported and click open. Make sure you have the personal box checked and click next, this will provide you with a summary. If everything is correct, click close and the certificate is installed.

This process will be slightly different if you are using a Mac oIS, but it is the same general overview. Just make sure you are installing the certificate on the same device where you made the original request.

If you are using the EPKI Manager, the system will automatically complete the install when the employee logs onto his or her email for the first time. He or she will just supply the necessary information by working through the prompts to generate and then automatically install the certificate.

Keep in mind, when you make the request for a PKI certificate on Google Chrome you will be asked to provide a password. This is not the password for your email, but rather the password you will be required to provide if, for any reason, you want to have the certificate revoked. This is typically used if the private key has been compromised through some type of security breach. Businesses also typically revoke the certificate if an employee leaves the organization.

If you need assistance for the free personal PKI products offered or for any questions about business use or our EPKI Manager, give us a call at +1 888 266 6361 or start a chat .