How to Renew SSL Certificates

Renewing your SSL Certificate is easy. In most cases, use the same process you used to buy SSL Certificate.

If your business needs have not changed, you do not need to decide what kind of SSL certificate you require today.

But you may be able to save money over and above Comodo's cheap SSL prices. Call your salesperson at 888.266.6361 in the US or +1 (703)-­ 581-6361 outside the US to learn about SSL Certificate that can save you money or increase your revenue.

Secure all your subdomains with a single Wildcard SSL certificate. If you have four subdomains, you do not need four SSL certificates. One Wildcard SSL Certificate will secure them all. For example, a single certificate can secure


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e-Merchants: Boost your sales with Extended Validation SSL

Comodo products for e-Merchants, including Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) certificates, can actually increase your click-through rate, resulting in increased sales.

Business growing? Congratulations!

Have lots of certificates that you want to centralize? Comodo Certificate Manager can help.

Your experienced Comodo salesperson may be able to help you achieve similar results depending on your business needs for SSL Certificate.

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