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Compatible with all popular browsers, InstantSSL Trial Certificates are easy to install and come with the highest quality of technical support. Ideal for learning the ropes of SSL certificates, the trial SSL certificate allows you to determine the best certificate for your system before it goes live.

Why a Trial SSL Certificate from InstantSSL?

Our free Trial SSL certificates are not the watered-down versions you might get elsewhere — these are domain-validated, fully functional 256-bit encryption SSL certificates signed by the same 2048-bit root as a paid certificate, giving you the full SSL experience.

  • Secures one fully-qualified domain name (FQDN), eg: or
  • 100% free trial certificate for 30 days
  • Issued within minutes
  • Browser recognition of 99+%
  • Encryption is the industry-standard 128/256-bit
  • Easy upgrade path

Comparing InstantSSL Free to InstantSSL

FeatureInstantSSL FreeInstantSSL
Validity period90 days1-2 years
Validity typeDomain ValidationDomain Validation
Wildcard availableX
Multi-domain availableX
Site sealX
Technical SupportX
PCI scanningX
Vulnerability scanningX
Certificate management toolsX
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