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If I renew within 60 days of my certificate expiring can I get the new SSL certificate to include the lost days?

Yes. We have automated the SSL Certificate renewal process to begin alerting you up to 60 days prior to your SSL expiring. Please click on the renewal link inside your renewal reminder e-mail. However, the renewal emails are sent only to customer who came direct to our main site and not those who came via a reseller partner. Please note that during the renewal process you will require a new CSR

I did not get the renewal email, can I still get the extra days?

Yes, If you have changed e-mail address and therefore not received a reminder then you will need to log in to your account area to renew the certificate.

Are there situations where I will not get the extra days on my certificate?

Buying a new certificate through the normal online purchasing screens will not automatically add extra days.

Do you have any utilities that can help me renew?

Yes, we offer a Certificate Management platform, which will take you through the entire renewal process (Apache and IIS web-servers)

What do I need to renew an SSL certificate?

You will need a new CSR for the domain and your user name/password.

What if I do not remember the user name/password?

If the problem is just the password then as long as you have the order number and either account email address or user name this can be automatically reset Click Here.

I get an error saying 'Account Already Exists', what does this mean?

This error means that there is already an order on our system for the required domain. It can also mean that you have not signed into your account before placing the order.

Can I use my old CSR?

Some web servers will allow this, but we recommend a new CSR for every renewal.

Some details have changed since my last order, how do I get these updated?

All account changes should be done within your new InstantSSL User Portal

How do I renew my certificate?

Firstly create the CSR, then sign into your account and process the renewal the same way as a new request. If you purchased your certificate from a reseller, please contact the reseller for support.

Do I need to install the new SSL certificate you send me?

Yes, the dates are hard-coded into the SSL certificate, so for the site to present the correct certificate the new one must be installed.

Can I not simply extend the dates on my old certificate?

No, the dates are hard-coded into the certificate and cannot be changed