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Why is a High Assurance Certificate essential for Trusted e-Business?

SSL Encryption

High Assurance Certificates contain details of the entity that owns and operates a web server, thereby providing confidentiality, integrity and authentication services to consumers connecting to that web server.

Low Assurance Certificates provide secure communication but do assure the integrity of the site you are communicating with.

Security requires encryption and authentication


Phishing is the fastest growing threat in the history of Internet and has gained immense popularity amongst Internet fraudsters and hackers as a simple yet effective way to gain unsolicited access to confidential user information. Using social engineering tactics, fraudsters ensure that the trust relationship established by a company with its customers is exploited to maximum effect. It is for this reason that moving towards stronger Identity Assurance techniques is the only long term strategy that will maintain the stability of the Internet.

Identity and authentication are fundamental concepts in every marketplace. People and institutions establish trust before conducting business. Traditionally there has been a reliance on physical credentials such as a business license or a letter of intent. In the age of the Internet ecommerce will only succeed if this ability to pass trust remains consistent. Authenticated SSL Certificate have been proven to provide the critical online identity assurance necessary to establish trust between parties. In fact the future success of a multitude of ecommerce eco-systems rests directly upon the continual strengthening of that trust relationship.