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There is often a lot of fine print to read when comparing different companies offering different types of security products for websites. Different Certificate Authorities (CAs) have different requirements, or perhaps restrictions is a better word, around the use of their own particular Wildcard products.

We like to make things very easy for our customers. You will find on our website information about using our Wildcard SSL certificate with multiple IP addresses. In general, you will see that the language around the use of our Wildcard SSL/TLS product provides for use on unlimited physical servers. This allows you to use one certificate for as many servers as required without paying any additional fees or costs.

The Advantages and Benefits

This also means that you can use our Wildcard SSL certificate with multiple IP addresses on your system for all of your subdomains. For example, all of the subdomains will have their own address that is determined by the specific name of the subdomain. In this way, has a different address than or

Through creating a subdomain, you have the ability to point users to the site to the specific subdomain without having to go through the main domain. This is particularly useful in an ecommerce business with multiple categories or products and items.

By having a subdomain with its own address for each product category or specific type of storage area or information set, you can also maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Each of those subdomains can be processed using SEO techniques to help that subdomain be ranked high in the standings by Google algorithms and those used by other search engines.

It is also important to note that Google is now recognizing the use of SSL certificate on all websites. While it is not actively dropping the ranking of sites not using SSL/TLS security, those with the SSL certificate will see a slight upward trend in their ranking. Of course, content, quality of information and the use of the best SEO techniques will also be critical for any website, just the SSL/TLS certificate isn't going to be all that is required to see this bounce.

Management Advantages

By using our Wildcard SSL Certificate with multiple IP addresses across your main domain and subdomains the management aspect of the SSL/TLS technology will be a lot less arduous.

With one certificate covering everything and the ability to install the cert and keys on unlimited physical servers in your network it is a once every year or two year project. There is never a concern with a subdomain cert expiring and leaving the site open to potential hacking or breaches of security. As everything comes due at one time, this problem simply ceases to exist even on a very large website.

If you currently have multiple SSL certificates from a variety of Certificate Authorities and need to get everyone coordinate into one manageable situation, we do offer a free 90 SSL certificate. This is not a wildcard, but it would allow you the time to protect the main domain or a subdomain if it was expiring before the rest.

This is also a great time to get to work with our products without any expense to your company. To further add to the management advantages we provide full online and phone support for our products as well as full 30-day money back refund policy if for any reason you are not completely and fully satisfied with our Wildcard SSL certificate.

If you are still wondering if using a Wildcard SSL certificate with multiple IP addresses is the right way to go with your website, consider the alternatives. Depending on the size of the website and the number of subdomains you may want to choose other options. Our staff is here to walk you through these considerations and breakdown costs differences and other factors in providing protection for your website.

Give us a call today at +1 888 266 6361 to talk about the use of a Wildcard SSL certificate with your particular set up and servers. We have detailed information in our knowledgebase and resource section on how to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), how to install the certificate and how to run a check on your installation. You can also reach us by live chat or drop us and email and we will make sure your questions are answered.